Optrex Night Restore Gel Drops

Optrex Night Restore Gel drops, designed to help restore the eye’s moisture at night time and provide lasting protection from discomfort.

Product Features

  • To help restore & repair your eyes while you sleep*
  • The hydrating complex helps restores the moisture levels in the eye to help protect from discomfort.
  • Higher viscosity** 0.4% Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Drops compared to other current Optrex Eye Drops
  • Preservative-free Suitable for everyday use

Product Description

Dry Eye symptoms can become progressively worse throughout the day as we can be continually exposed to triggers such as computer screens, air conditioning, contact lenses, heating or medications. Therefore, by night time our eyes can feel dry, irritated and tired. The time spent asleep is the perfect opportunity for dry eye treatment to help restore moisture to the ocular surface.

Optrex Night Restore Gel drops contains sodium hyaluronate which lubricates and moisturises the eye, as well as having a higher viscosity compared to other current Optrex Eye Drops. The multidose, preservative free bottle is convenient and easy to use, drip free and mess free

*Helps restore moisture to the tear film and supports the repair of the ocular surface.
**Versus all other current Optrex Eye Drops.

*≥74% of 307 users agree
**≥78% of 307 users agree


Contains: Sodium Hyaluronate 0.4% w/v
Glycerine 0.9% w/v
Sodium Chloride in an Aqueous Phosphate Buffered system

Store between 2°C and 25°C. Do not freeze. Protect from sunlight. Discard 3 months after opening. Do not use after expiry date

After washing your hands, apply 1 or 2 drops into each eye of Optrex Night Restore Gel drops before going to sleep, simply directing the drop into a small pocket just inside the eyelid created by pulling the lower lid down. So that by morning your eyes can feel refreshed** and ready for the day ahead.
**≥78% of 307 users agree

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
Leave at least 30 minutes between administrations of any other ophthalmic drugs.
If you experience irritation or any other adverse effects consult your eye care specialist.
Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
Do not swallow the solution.
Avoid placing the top of the dropper in contact with the eyelid, eye or any other surface.
If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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