Optrex Hayfever Relief Drops, 10ml

Soothing relief for itchy eyes affected by Hayfever

Product Features

  • Eye Drops with 2% w/v Sodium Cromoglicate.
  • Soothe and relieve itchy eyes affected by hay fever

Product Description

Optrex Hayfever drops target itchy eyes affected from hay fever. Helping you enjoy your summer days.

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All medical conditions must be diagnosed by a healthcare professional

1ml of eye drops contains 20mg of Sodium Cromoglicate (2.0% w/v)

After first opening the bottle do not store above 25⁰C. Discard after 28 days after first opening.

Gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye 4 times daily

KEEP OUT OF SIGHT AND REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT EXCEED THE STATED DOSE. Use this medicine only in your eyes. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you require further information.
See your doctor or pharmacist:
If there is no improvement after 2 days of use
Before using continuously more than 14 days

Product Code: 5052197053623