Why Offices May Be Giving You Dry And Tired Eyes


Humidifier producing mist

Working in an office environment can cause strain in your eyes. We take a deeper look at the reasons why so many people suffer from tiredness and discomfort in the office, and what can be done to help prevent this from being the case.


Why offices may be bad for the eyes

It’s unfortunate that the place in which many people spend most of their time is also a place that can have an effect on eye comfort. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case:



Many offices are closely climate controlled, in order to make it as comfortable as possible, for as many people as possible. This usually means keeping them at a level of low humidity, which has other benefits such as preventing damp. What this also means, unfortunately, is that without adequate moisture in the air some people’s eyes can become dry, causing them to feel irritated and uncomfortable.



As computer monitors are in fact ‘lights’ themselves, only a low level of extra lighting is required to light an office. What this means, is that in areas where there isn’t a lot of natural light causing eyes to strain to see.


Staring at the Screen

On the subject of computer monitors, although when we were young we were told not to sit too close to the television, some of us often sit with our faces practically pressed up against a computer screen for several hours a day. Staring at a brightly lit screen for these lengths of time can cause dry eyes, as we don’t blink so often when we look at the screen.


Desk Hygiene and eyes

With all of the above working against you to potentially cause eye discomfort, it’s only natural that you might want to rub your eyes to give them some quick relief. This could be a mistake, however, as you might introduce dust or other harmful substances that may have been picked up from office equipment into your eyes, all through contact from your fingers.


What can you do?

There are a few steps you can take, including taking a break from the screen every now and again and making sure that your keyboard and the rest of your desk area is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Although there isn’t much that you can do about the levels of humidity in the office, if the eyes are dry, you can help your eyes by using Optrex Actimist. The Actimist 2in1 Dry + Irritated Eye Spray* repairs the eye's natural protective moisture barrier to reduce moisture loss. It's sprayed onto closed eyes to relieve dry eyes*. It's also clinically proven to provide relief for up to four hours*.

*Dry + Irritated eyes due to disturbed lipid layer of the tear film, approx. 80% of dry eye cases.


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