Actimist: Why it's so easy to use


Actimist sprayed onto closed eyesMany of us will be fairly familiar with the feeling of dry, irritated eyes. They can come about for all sorts of reasons, as we will see. Contact lens wearers, the elderly and women in particular also tend to be prone to suffering from dry eyes, which makes for a pretty substantial amount of sufferers. This is where Actimist could come into play.


What is Actimist?

Optrex Actimist Eye Spray allows for an easy and smooth application to the eyes.

  • Actimist helps to repair the eyes natural protective moisture barrier to help soothe dry and irritated eyes simply by spraying over closed eyelids
  • Actimist is clinically proven to provide relief, which lasts for up to four hours
  • Actimist is suitable for use with contact lenses
  • Actimist won’t wash away your make-up


How does Actimist work?

Your eyes are covered by a thin layer known as the tear film. This is essential for maintaining the health and transparency of the cornea, providing nutrients and flushing away particles and other waste products. It also helps to trap your eye’s moisture and prevent it from evaporating. However, the tear film can be disturbed which can lead to excess moisture evaporating from your eyes.

Actimist Eye Spray is sprayed directly onto closed eyes as. Upon application, its tiny particles collect at the edges of the eyelid and spread across the eye upon blinking. Its formula consists of liposomes so it helps repair a disrupted lipid layer of tear film helping to restore moisture in the process.


What can Actimist be used for?

There are many possible triggers of dry and irritable eyes caused by the disruption of the tear film, some we may encounter every day. These include:

  • Environmental factors such as hot climates and pollution
  • Focusing on a computer for too long

Actimist Eye Spray can be employed as an easy and effective treatment to eye dryness as a result of a disturbed lipid layer of the tear film. It is estimated that up to 80% of dry eye cases may be caused by disruption to the lipid layer of the tear film.


How does Actimist compare to other Optrex products?

While other Optrex dry eye treatments are also effective, some people can feel some discomfort when applying eye drops or forms of ointment. Actimist Eye Spray can provide a smooth and practical treatment for those individuals. Just be sure to only spray it onto closed eyes.


For more information on how you could reap the benefits of Actimist Eye Spray, pay a visit to the Optrex products website link here.