A daily eye care routine can treat common eye problems

Woman lying down with cucumber on eyes 

Keeping your eyes feeling fresh and moist can be helped by an eye care routine. Added on to a typical skincare routine, your eyes could feel just as fresh as your skin does after a wash.



Your eyes might feel at their most fresh after a good night’s rest, and one way to help maintain eye health is from a great sleep. However, if you wake up to dry eyes, you may want to refresh them. Optrex Intensive Eye Drops can help to hydrate and lubricate your dry eyes. The formulation contains specially designed ingredients that lubricate your eyes. They are also contact lens friendly, and can be quickly applied to dry eyes. For adults and children over 12: 1-2 drops in the eye as required or as directed by your doctor or eye practitioner.


During the Day

Day-to-day, there are a lot of demands on your eyes. From reading to regular use of screens, there are many situations that can demand your eyes’ attention, and there are also pollutants and irritants that can hang in the air, or be found on your fingertips, that can affect your eye. Keeping your eyes refreshed during the day can help them feel at their best, and relieve those feelings of dryness or grittiness that you might have to deal with on a daily basis.

Try using Actimist™ 2in1 Tired + Uncomfortable Eye Spray*  which works by improving tear film stability by repairing your eye’s natural protective moisture barrier to reduce moisture loss. It contains ProVitB5 and all you have to do is simply spray directly onto closed eyes and blink to feel the effects.


At Night

Once you’ve made it through a day of deadlines, emails and travel, there’s nothing better to do to prepare for the next day than a long soak, a wash, and a refresh. This goes for your eyes too, which can benefit from an eye wash. Optrex Multi-Action Eye Wash can be added to your routine to help remove the grit, smoke and dust from the day. It can also soothe tired eyes. Just ensure with contact lenses, that you use the eye wash 15 minutes before putting on your contact lenses.

Try and give yourself a break from the screen before you go to sleep, especially in bed. The lights that screens emit could affect how easily you get to sleep, and could also weaken the association that we have with sleep and the bedroom. Furthermore, prolonged periods of staring at a computer screen can be a dry eye trigger, so give an hour or so to other activities not related to the screen, such as meditation.

*Tired eye symptoms such as tired and uncomfortable eyes due to disturbed lipid layer of the tear film, approx., 80% of dry eye cases.



Always read the instructions.