Do you have tired eyes?

Do you have tired eyes?

For thousands of people in today’s fast-paced world, tired eyes are part of everyday life. While most of us are guilty of not getting enough sleep from time to time, there are other factors which can also contribute to the signs of tired eyes. Our eyes can say a lot about us, and unfortunately ignoring these signs can leave you looking and feeling drained and run-down. With up to eight hours spent focusing on digital screens, and more and more of us taking long commutes to and from work, it’s no wonder we are not taking the time to give our eyes the break they need. If you’re noticing the following signs, there are luckily some simple habits you can master to perk up your eyes and leave you looking more rejuvenated every day.

Signs of Tired Eyes

Have you ever noticed yourself rubbing your eyes throughout the day? This can be a common sign that your eyes are feeling tired. Ironically, rubbing your eyes can actually make matters worse, potentially scratching the surface and causing irritation. Perhaps you have noticed that your eye-lids feel heavy as you sit at your desk at work. Signs of tired eyes can also be visible when you look in the mirror - your eyes may appear puffy. The skin around the eyes can also reveal a lot about your eyes’ health as tired eyes will often be accompanied by dark circles and puffy skin. All in all, these signs can leave you looking tired and run-down.

Causes of Tired Eyes

Sleep studies show that modern adults are sleeping less and suffering from more sleep deprivation than previous generations. Lack of sleep is one of the most common culprits when it comes to tired eyes. Throughout the day, the muscles in your eyes are constantly working as you process the world around you. Sleeping is your body’s chance to allow these muscles to rest and recover for the next day. Without this rest, your eyes will naturally feel as though they are working overtime!

There are several other factors that can contribute to tired eyes. Any activity which involves focusing for a long period of time without breaks will naturally put them under strain. Reading, especially in low light, can be particularly draining. Taking long drives is another activity which involves constant focus and is not helped by the addition of air conditioning and traffic fumes.

Most of us depend heavily on technology for modern living, spending much of our working lives using computers and mobile phones. Even when we wind down after work, watching movies and playing video games only adds to our ‘screen time’. The blue light emitted from these screens can have ill-effects on your quality of sleep, convincing your body that it’s still daytime and preventing it from producing the vital melatonin it needs to control your sleep and wake cycles to help you recover for the next day.

Taking Steps against Tired Eyes

Improving your quality of sleep may sound easier said than done, but it is one of the major factors that could re-energise your eyes for the following day. If you’re struggling to get an early night, why not limit your screen time during the later hours of the day? Other factors like eating right before bed and drinking caffeine can also leave you feeling restless.

You can also help your eyes to recover throughout the day by taking regular breaks from your screen and making sure you have adequate light while reading.

Taking the time to take care of your eyes is also important. The Optrex Warming Eye Mask is a great way to relax your eyes before bed. When opened from its package, the mask naturally releases a gentle warming steam using Microsteam technologyƚwhich soothes and relieves your eyes in as little as ten minutes.*¥ Simply place the mask over the eyes, secure using the straps, and let yourself unwind while the mask gets to work. The easy-to-use disposable masks, pops neatly into your hand-bag or luggage for long flights, with no need to be warmed up or kept in the fridge. The mask also comes in a relaxing lavender scent, creating the perfect aroma to unwind before bed time.

There are plenty of reasons to stop ignoring the signs of tired eyes. With a few simple lifestyle changes, you’ll notice that your eyes are feeling brighter  and more rejuvenated. You’ll also feel more alert, and your eyes less heavy. In the long run, taking a little more care of your eyes every day will contribute to your eyes health over time, and help keep them sparkling for years to come.


 ƚ Steam generation is based on humidity measurements and not visible to the naked eyes.

*Do not exceed 20 minutes of use.

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