The Benefits of ActiMist


Optrex Actimist is a compact and functional spray, that's a convenient answer for dry eyes from Optrex. The application is simple, and provides relief for up to four hours.

You may wonder what other potential benefits could be, or question how Optrex could make a difference, so in this article we’ve taken a deep look to help answer those queries.

From the benefits of use, to some other surprising features, Actimist could help you in a number of different ways.


What Actimist does

Dry eyes can be caused by several different factors. Age, environment and even the time of the year can have an effect on your eyes, potentially resulting in a feeling of dry, tired, or sore eyes.

The main benefit of Actimist is that it can help to stabilise the lipid layer on your eye, a layer that sits above the aqueous layer.

By applying Actimist, gaps or tears in the lipid layer are replenished and the layer of moisture is locked in.


How Actimist Works

Optrex Actimist spray is applied over closed eyes. This has three benefits not found with other kinds of eye products such as eye drops, or an eye bath.

  1. You don’t have to lean back, or look up, to apply. Some people may find this movement difficult, and as such Actimist is sprayed directly on the closed eye without any great need for movement of the neck or back.
  2. Eye drops can seem uncomfortable, especially on the first few applications where you may be unused to looking directly into a nozzle, and up to falling drops (which can also feel uncomfortable).
  3. The sensation of a cool spray on closed eyes can feel refreshing, and you won’t have to worry about direct application onto the eyeball.


The Surprising Benefits

So, while there are benefits in the application of Actimist, it also has a few surprising few extras you may not already know.

  • Actimist doesn’t smudge makeup.
  • Actimist is suitable to use with contact lenses, another reason behind the feeling of dry eyes.
  • Actimist, for tired and uncomfortable eyes, contains Pro-Vitamin B5, and helps moisturise the eyelids and area around the eyes.
  • It provides instant relief for up to four hours, and can be used for up to a six months  after opening, by which time you will need to replace with a new bottle.
  • It’s small, compact and easy to carry.

View more on the Optrex website to find out about our range of products.

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