How Eye Drops Work


Eye drops are a simple form of eye care. They are designed to refresh and lubricate dry, tired or irritated eyes, and they also can be used to help clear the surface of the eye from irritants, such as dust.

Simply put, applying eye drops helps to rehydrate the eye, but there’s a lot more happening on a microscopic level.

As part of a routine, eye drops can help soothe your eyes, and reduce feelings of tiredness, soreness and dryness.


The Benefits of Eye Drops

Modern eye drops are created to help take care of some common daily problems that could affect eye health.

Contact lens wear, air conditioning, pollution and computer use are common examples, but pollen and dust can also become an issue.

As mentioned, symptoms that induce a feeling of tiredness, irritation or dryness can help to be reduced by regular application.

During day-to-day life, Optrex eye drops come in small packaging, are easy to carry, and simple to apply.

Simply raise the container above your eye (but not too far away) and squeeze a drop onto the surface of the eye. Blink, and the solution covers and moisturises your eye.


How Eye Drops Work

Once you’ve applied them, the eye drops get to work quickly, both by helping carry away small debris that may be on the surface of your eye.

Eye drops relieve symptoms of dryness. You should feel the effects quickly, as the eye drops instantly lubricate the eye, and with routine application, overall symptoms could fade over time.

If you experience symptoms of dry eye, and are unsure of how to treat them, then ask your pharmacist, optician or GP for advice.

Many issues that lead to dry eye could be mainly environmental, but also due to changes in your body which you may want to discuss with your GP as well.

Your doctor may recommend the use of eye drops, or may prescribe other forms of treatment.

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