Sore Eyes: Causes and Treatments


From the computer screens in your office to the airborne irritants encountered on a quick stroll down the road, there are many factors in your daily life that can leave your eyes feeling irritated and sore. Sore eyes can be associated with a number of different conditions, depending on the nature and severity of pain. In most cases, sore eyes will be easily treatable, but it’s important to investigate the underlying cause to find a treatment that is right for you.

One can experience different symptoms when dealing with sore eyes. Thus, it is important to know what to look out for. The symptoms may be mild for most people, although some cases can be painful as they can be associated with more severe complications. Sore eyes may look normal. You may also notice signs of slight redness and your eyes may feel gritty or sore. Incidents of watery discharge can occur if the eye produces more tears in an attempt to relieve the irritation. Symptoms usually affect both eyes.

Causes of Sore Eyes

Long hours at work

A long day at work can have a great impact on your eyes. One of many causes of irritated eyes is the spending of extended periods of time staring at a screen (or a book) closely for too long. 

Environmental factors

In addition to this, external factors such as offices with air conditioning and cars with central heating can further dry out the eyes and exacerbate the problem.

Even the air around us can also cause minor eye irritations. The exhaust fumes, smoke, and dust– particularly in the major cities – can irritate sensitive eyes and make them sore. It is important to be mindful of this because as we grow older, our eyes will also become more sensitive to these irritants. This is because the eye produces fewer tears as you get older, and your eyelids become less effective at spreading tears over the surface of the eyes, thus making dry eye more common.

Dry eyes

Your eyes go through a lot during the day, and as a result, it is possible to suffer from dry eyes. Some of the common causes of dry eyes are:

  • wearing contact lenses
  • hot or windy climates
  • hormonal changes in women (ie. menopause, pregnancy or when on the contraceptive pill)
  • side effects of certain medications, such as antihistamines and antidepressants
  • medical conditions which can affect your ability to make tears, including rheumatoid arthiritis

Treatments for Sore Eyes

Noticing an eye problem early can save you from further irritation to your eyes. If you know you have sore eyes then one treatment option can be Optrex Sore Eye Drops. This product is indicated for the relief of minor eye irritation caused by dusty or smoky atmospheres, driving or close work. Optrex Sore Eye Drops contain Hamamelis water to soothe and cleanse the eyes, providing relief for minor eye irritations. The drops are available in pharmacies only and can be used as often as required for the relief of sore eyes.

Eye Care Advice

Avoid the glare from computers by reducing screen brightness or by making use of a screen shield.

In addition to the above be sure to:

  • Rest more
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Resist the urge to rub your eyes
  • Take regular breaks from your screen. This will help you relax the eyes and ease the discomfort.

Speak to your pharmacists for a recommendation on suitable eye care products.  Always seek advice from doctors or eye specialists if your symptoms become persistent.

Always read the label.


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