How Humidity Affects Eye Moisture


Dry eyes can be a source of great discomfort, and a common trigger can be the level of humidity in the air. Our eyes need to remain moisturised at all times, something that is usually taken care of by our tear ducts. In warm and dry conditions, moisture can evaporate from the eye faster than our eyes can replace it, which can cause symptoms such as irritation, a gritty or scratchy feeling, or a feeling of having something stuck in the eyes. It can also cause an excess of watering, and blurred vision.

How can humidity affect me?

If you are susceptible to dry eyes, then you should be wary of environments that control their humidity. These can include supermarkets, department stores, and aeroplanes, as all of these environments maintain very low levels of humidity. If someone is usually in a fairly humid environment, they may be unaware that there could be a potential problem with eye moisture levels in other situations – where they are surprised to find how much discomfort that dry eyes can cause.

What can I do?

If you live in a very dry area, where these environments aren’t artificially created, then it can help to get hold of a humidifier. These create water vapour, which is sprayed into the atmosphere to raise the humidity to comfortable levels.

If the conditions are artificially created, such as those in public places and most offices, then it can be beneficial to explore solutions that could increase moisture, which may in turn help alleviate dry eye symptoms.

Optrex produce a number of products that can help to restore moisture in your eyes. These include Eye Drops and Actimist Sprays.

Although these products are applied in different ways – the drops being applied directly to the eye, and the spray being applied to closed eyes – they both offer relief, instantly soothing your dry and irritated eyes.

So, whatever the situation, don’t feel that dry eyes are something that you have to accept. Keep your eyes moisturised and relieve the symptoms of irritation and discomfort in low humidity environments if they occur.

Always read the instructions.


Optrex Sore Eye Drops

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