Warming Eye Mask


Other than simply not getting enough sleep, the feeling of tired eyes can be the result of many different activities that require intense use of the eye muscles for long periods.

Sitting for hours in front of a screen, driving, reading and constantly staring at your mobile can make your eyes feel tired

This is why Optrex has designed the Warming Eye Mask, created to present an innovative way to relax and soothe tired eyes.

With unique MicrosteamTM technology, the mask warms instantly when it’s opened, releasing a gentle, soothing heat to relax and relieve tired eyes.

The frenetic pace of modern life means we increasingly take less time to relax, de-stress and re-charge our batteries. The mask encourages you to take time to switch off mentally, whether you’re getting ready for bed after a long day or flying to a far-flung corner of the world. Once you’ve had your down-time, you simply throw the mask away.

The Warming Eye Mask is available unscented or with lavender fragrance.

Optrex Warming Eye Mask relieves and relaxes your tired Eyes in just 10 minutes! *

How the Mask works

  • The Eye mask is disposable and self-heating, it starts to warm up instantly when opened, reaching its optimum temperature between 3-5 minutes
  • The Unique Microsteam Technology delivers a gentle warming steam that is designed to moisten and soothe tired eyes**
  • Ideal to use at home before bed time or while travelling 

*Based on a RB survey on 309 consumers
**Steam generation is based on humidity measurements, though steam is not visible to the naked eye


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