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19.6 million Brits are suffering from "Urban Eye" - and they don't even know it! Yes that's right - 40 per cent of people nationwide are plagued by dry, itchy, red, bloodshot, sore, irritated, tired or uncomfortable eyes - that's a long list of problems and many of you suffer on a regular basis! And it's now thought our modern lifestyle may be to blame.

Longer working hours mean lack of sleep is responsible for 43 per cent suffering, whereas one in five of us blame more time in front of the computer. Meanwhile, other environmental factors such as air conditioning, central heating and pollution are all playing their part, too. 

Here at Optrex we refer to this group of eye conditions as "Urban Eye".

Although eyes are traditionally our greatest assets, with one in four Brits praising them as the most attractive part of the body, 8.3 million say theirs are letting them down every week. One in six even say they're being affected by Urban Eye 2-3 times a week!

Beauty experts are backing the Optrex revelations. Celebrity eye make up specialist Arianne Poole says: "I've been a make up artist for 25 years and more and more I'm seeing women - specially city women - with eye problems. It's about a range of different symptoms, from dry &irritated to sore & bloodshot eyes, which I'm glad that Optrex has now clearly identified as Urban Eye."

"I've no doubt that the increased incidence of Urban Eye is down to the impact of our work hard/play hard, busy modern city lifestyle on our bodies. We can't do much about that lifestyle - it's a reality for millions of women these days. But what we can do is help combat it by treating the problem."

Arianne explains: "Taking care of our eyes should be something we do every day. It takes seconds and these days, there's a variety of different products on the market which can help you let your eyes do the talking again."


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