Making your contacts comfortable


Contact lenses give you so much more freedom than glasses, especially if you love sports and being active. However, to get the most from contacts you must take care of your eyes, as they can make eyes more prone to dryness. So if you wear contacts regularly you may well need some extra help to keep your eyes hydrated and prevent discomfort.

Optrex has a range of dry eye products which act instantly to help relieve, refresh and soothe dry & irritated eyes, helping contacts to stay comfortable in your eyes for longer, so you can go ahead and enjoy a full and glasses-free life!

To keep your eyes hydrated, you can use Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops. This product is suitable for contact lenses wearers. If you are not comfortable with applying drops in your eyes, you may try Optrex ActiMist™ Eye Spray for Dry & Irritated Eyes*. It relieves, refreshes and revives dry, irritated eyes. When applied to closed eyelids, the spray provides immediate relief. It is suitable to use with contact lenses, easy and hygienic to use.

* Dry and irritated eyes due to disturbed lipid layer of the tear film, approx. 80% of dry eye cases.


Optrex ActiMist 2in1 Dry + Irritated Eye Spray

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