Grit & Dust in the eye


What is it?

Getting dust, smoke, a loose eyelash or something else in your eye can be uncomfortable.

What are the main causes?

  • Windy weather blowing grit, dust, etc
  • Smoky atmospheres
  • Manual work or DIY (e.g. plaster particles)
  • Wearing heavy eye make-up

What are the symptoms?

Your eye will probably water, look red, and you'll probably be blinking a lot because it feels gritty and scratchy.

What can I do about it?

Optrex Multi Action Eyewash for tired, uncomfortable, irritated eyes washes away particles to cleanse, soothe tired and irritated eyes.

If you prefer drops to a wash then try using Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops for tired eyes to help soothe and revitalise tired, sore, uncomfortable eyes.

Top Tip:

Always wear safety glasses when doing DIY or gardening to protect eyes from injury or dust particles.

Want to know more?

Find out more about Optrex Multi Action Eyewash for tired, uncomfortable, irritated eyes.

Find out more about Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops for tired eyes

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Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash

Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops

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